• A high-level overview of what CommandPDF is, and what you can expect from it.

  • Explanation of the vocabulary used in CommandPDF

Impositions and Other Layout Options

  • Although impositions templates are essentially xml documents, and could be written in a text editor, it is much easier and less error prone to setup templates using the provided CommandPDF Template Editor. The following section walks you through the basic steps needed to setup a simple imposition template.

  • For some impositions, changes to the source document may need to be applied before impositioning starts. For instance, you need the first n pages of the first signature to be blank, or you may need to play with margins to achieve the desired effect. CommandPDF offers a few settings that will be applied to the source document before it starts the impositioning process. In the template editor these settings can be specified under the Source tab.

  • CommandPDF’s ability to stack documents’ pages on top of each other can be useful to perform actions such as watermarking and other special effects.