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Lots of them. Definitely Classical Music and the advancement of humanity in human interactions.
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September 10, 1966

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, I grew up in the Netherlands, loving music and studied violin at the Tilburg Conservatory of Music between 1985-1994, playing in the Netherlands’ oldest professional chamber orchestra from 1988 to 1999. I also played in various symphony orchestras including the Dutch National Youth Orchestra, and was part of several chamber music ensembles.

Worked as a professional engraver for among others Donemus the most important publisher of Dutch and contemporary art music in the Netherlands.

Studied massage at the Heartwood Institute in northern California in 2000 and left for Stockholm to join Noteheads, a music software company in Sweden.

In 2001 I moved to North-Wales to be a multi-purpose, lets do it all, handyman (musician, shop clerk, computer support and networking guru, database programmer, massage therapist and cook to name but a few) for the Life Foundation, a group of people who teach very effective self-help techniques and generally promote a positive outlook on life. (

Recently I relocated to the warmer climate of Portugal, to enjoy more sun, more sea, extended family, and increased bureaucracy (ok, maybe I’m kidding on the last one, but I suppose there’s always a catch wherever you go.)

I have been using and programming computers since the days of the Commodore 64, and Macs since the SE/30; a hobby that grew into a profession as the years went by. PDFClerk grew out of the desire for software that could both join multiple PDF documents together, and impose them into booklets for printing in one go. Previously I had to use separate programs for these tasks, and as often as not they would choke on files with a large pagecount. So when I finally had some extra time on my hands I delved into Cocoa and Xcode, the tools that make much of the great Mac OS X software possible. The learning curve was steep, but fun and rewarding, and in a resonably short amount of time PDFClerk was born. The rest, as they say (although I don’t know why), is history.