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Posted: 24 September 2016 03:29 AM  
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Dear PDF Nomad users, it is with sadness that we inform you of our decision to stop development and sales of our popular PDF editor. After many years of enthusiastic development and committed, support circumstances have changed to a point where it is no longer viable for us to continue the PDF Nomad venture. More specifically, since Mac OS X 10.11, the OS’s PDF subsystems, which are used by PDF Nomad, have had issues which affect a significant part of PDF Nomad’s functionality. Although we were quick to inform Apple of these issues, once they were discovered, and have submitted various bug reports, we received a total lack of acknowledgment and no fixes in any system updates. We had hopes that macOS 10.12 Sierra, being a major system update, would see these issues fixed, and renewed our efforts to get Apple to fix them, while searching for workarounds in our own code that might mitigate, or solve the issues at hand. Since Sierra is out of beta now, without the required fixes from Apple’s part, and since we found no workarounds to the issues affecting PDF Nomad, we have had to decide to stop its development and we no longer offer it for sale.

We will still support current users, as best we can, although we won’t be able to offer solutions to said issues on 10.11 and 10.12.

Kind regards,
António Nunes


António Nunes