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also new to this forum and a proud owner of PDFClerk since 5 hours I was wondering about this company. I couldn’t get any information on the website so far.
Surfing the forum however shows at least a little bit more about SintraWorks: located in Lissabon, Portugal and one of the men behind it is Antonio. But what else?
Maybe Antonio can give me (or us if it is of interest to the others) some more information.


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Hi Ueli,

Some info then: “one of the men” is really “the man”. SintraWorks is essentially a one-man-shop. A number of other people are involved, but the crux of the venture is run by me.

Although currently located near Lisbon, Portugal, I travel frequently throughout western Europe.

SintraWorks was born in 2006 after I left the UK and, thinking what to do next, decided I’d try being my own boss. PDFClerk was my first project and received an immediate positive response. It came to life from my earlier need to combine PDF documents and print them as booklets. At the time existing software that I knew would not perform both functions, and the available options (for the separate functions) were either prohibitively expensive or choked on anything but small and simple documents. Once version 1 started coming together, I myself was amazed at its performance (considering my previous experience with other software packages). I had not even tried to optimise anything. Essentially, it just worked, at light speed, and with huge files. Since version 1.0, PDFClerk has rapidly developed, as I got ideas for new functionality, and as suggestions and requests were sent in by users. PDFClerk (Pro) has now grown to be a very popular Mac OS X PDF editor, with a varied audience from academics to publishers, from writers to print-shops, etc. Essentially people from all walks of life appear to find use for PDFClerk.

Recently SintraWorks (i.e: I) developed a professional metronome for the iPhone OS. As simple to use as any mechanical or primitive digital metronome, but with great power and flexibility just a tap of the finger away. With its intuitive interface, accurate playback engine, and powerful customisation options, Metron was immediately enthusiastically received by musicians, and, like PDFClerk Pro, is being actively developed, with a number of user requests already added, and some more on the way shortly.

A little background about me: before starting SintraWorks, I spent almost five years in the UK during which time I implemented a complex database system for a retreat centre, where I also provided general computer and network support, among other tasks of different nature (cooking, giving therapy, playing the violin, etc.). Before the UK I was in Sweden, working for a music software company. Sweden was preceded by a stint in northern California, studying massage therapy at the unique Heartwood Institute. Although born in Lisbon, Portugal, I grew up in the Netherlands where I studied the violin at the Tilburg Conservatory of Music, playing professionally until the end of 1999. My interest in computers and programming was sparked much earlier, during high-school, and it wasn’t long before I was creating music related software for my own use. (PDF wouldn’t come into existence until many years later.)

That’s the essentials, front to back. I hope it satisfies your curiosity into SintraWorks and “one of the men” behind it.

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