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searching for a lightweight Adobe replacment I found PDFClerk.

My main purposes of using PDFClerk are:
- combining and extracting pages from PDF-files
- adding TOC and Hyperlinks to PDF documents
- add my signature to a file (not often)
- adding notes and comments to a PDF document (very seldom)

Beside the basic feature (extracting and combining) a very important taks is to add a TOC sometimes to an already existing PDF file. Since providing manuals and instructions in PDF format is common every vendor does this but in a more or less good way. Understandig the users need and how he might use such a document to have links within the document is essential. But some manufacturers do not provide that functionality. Depending on how important a user manual is I am doing a TOC on my own. It takes some time but afterwards I get a useful and easy to navigate manual.

having some OCR functioality built into PDFClerk might be interesting and also to have compression features when doing a “Save as..”

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What do you want the OCR for specifically? Some form of compression is available in the save panel when exporting to PDF, indeed not when doing a Save As, do you have a particular reason for requesting that?

Have you tried the automated functionality for creating bookmarks and other in-document hyperlinks when creating manual navigation?


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concerning OCR, I knew that if a text document is converted to PDF in Adobe I can still edit text. But sometimes I get scanned in PDFs (even text). This in my opinion is the worst form of a PDF. Having some kind of OCR built into PDFClerk I thought it could be possible to get back the possibility to edit text.

Depending on the target output device (screen or printer) photos added to a PDF document can be reduced in size. This is a function of Adobe Standard and could be applied to a PDF after creating it.
However in one of my last PDFs exported from Pages I get the best result when scaling down the photos before placing them in Pages. The export options in Pages didn’t do a good job for me.