SintraWorks Releases PDF Nomad 1.5
Posted: 08 November 2012 01:10 PM   [ Ignore ]
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This feature update contains the following changes:

New: Arbitrarily rotate page contents. (Especially useful for deskewing scanned pages.)
New: Pages and other objects can now also be rotated by the rotate gesture on the trackpad.
New: Center selected objects on the page.
New: Option to merge in annotations from external PDF documents.
New: When creating link annotations from selected text, the URL is automatically filled in if present in the selected text.
New: When creating link annotations to external files, the file scheme is now automatically prepended if needed.
New: Button to clear display box in the Crop Box Insets dialog.
New: Manual alignment option when resizing the media box in Crop & Shift mode.
New: Added option under Help menu to show the welcome screen.
Changed: “Add Link” menu -> The shortcut for the “Add link to local page” menu item has been transferred to a new “Add default link” menu item.
Changed: Improved UI of document security options in the Save As dialog and tightened up password security.
Fixed: Corrected some issues in the implementation of setting and entering passwords.
Fixed: Removed option to create outlines (bookmarks) to external PDF document pages, since this is not supported.
Fixed: In the text based automation dialogs, dragging to create the selection rectangle in the preview area wasn’t working properly.
Fixed: The Revert to Saved menu did not work.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

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