Duplicate the same text field as header on all pages of a PDF?
Posted: 18 February 2013 03:46 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Is it possible to create a PDF file which has a single text field on its cover page (page 1), which the recipient uses to fill in their own name. Then, that same name is displayed at the top of every page in the document?

Ideally, this would be created programmatically and be able to be applied to a batch of PDFs generated from another source (Crystal Reports).

Any thoughts on whether this could be done, in Javascript, perhaps? The reason for this need is that certain personal reports are generated on a system where no user data is stored (for data security), but we would like the recipients of the reports to be able to personalize them before they print them for themselves.

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can provide, or even anywhere else where I should be asking!


P.S. this functionality is similar, but I am looking for something that can be batched: