PDF Clerk 3.9.2: Change Form Field Fill and Font Color?
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Hi Tonio:

I’m preparing forms with data fields over photo backgrounds, and I’d like to change the field fill color and font color. In an earlier reply to another user you mentioned a color selector at the end of the annotation menu, but I don’t see one on the pull down. I have been able to change the background fill of checkboxes, but the same process has no effect on input fields or option selection fields.

The annotation inspector shows a “fill” selector under the graphic tab, but it does not work with input or option fields as far as I can tell. Any suggestions?

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Probably the reply you are referring to was related to PDF Nomad, rather than to PDFClerk Pro. You can change the font colour through the Font Panel, but you can’t change the background colour of these fields.


António Nunes