SintraWorks releases PDF Nomad 2.0 - Now with Scanning and OCR!
Posted: 23 May 2013 03:08 PM   [ Ignore ]
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This feature update contains the following changes:

New: Scan documents directly into PDF Nomad.
New: OCR scanned documents or any documents whose text textual contents are missing.
New: Bookmarks menu for quick access to documents of your choosing.
New: AppleScript support. Automate your workflow through scripting.
New: Auto deskew option when rotating page content. (Especially useful for scanned pages.)
New: Right click a selected word/line to add it as a document keyword.
New: Button to clear display box in the Crop Box Insets dialog.
New: When dragging page contents, hold the shift and alt keys, to drag only the pages on the same side as the page being dragged.
New: When inserting PDF documents into an open document, the outlines from the inserted documents are also merged.
New: Menu items under the View menu for toggling the lists on the left and right.
Changed: The About Box has been expanded and redesigned.
Fixed: A ghost-window could briefly appear at startup. This no longer happens.
Fixed: Sometimes saving pages whose contents were imported bitmap files could result in the pages having a black background.
Fixed: Rotating pages could cause mispositioning of subsequent page splits and/or page labels.
Fixed: Resolved an issue with entering fractional numbers into the rotation input field when rotating page contents.
Fixed: When the search field was active the Find Next and Find Previous commands were unavailable.

More info on PDF Nomad 2.0


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