Very strange behavior with the “Split Pages Vertically…” command
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I have a PDF that’s a scan of a book. Each PDF page is two pages of the book, so I need to split the pages. I started working in Acrobat Pro 11, and I removed 1 inch of black margin that was on every page. So far so good. But Acrobat doesn’t seem to have a split-pages command, so I saved the PDF in Acrobat, then opened it in PDF Nomad.

In PDF Nomad, I selected “Split Pages Vertically,” set the desired split point (which was very near the default split point), then I chose “Split All Pages.”

Here’s the problem:

While PDF Nomad is working, it appears to be splitting the pages as instructed. But after it finishes the process, instead it has split the pages in the middle of the text! Then, oddly, when I select “Undo,” while it undoes page after page, the pages it displays during the process are properly split!

Before starting this thread, I saw a post on a possibly related topic, here:

On that page, you wrote:

“The reason is that the source document has pages with a rotation, and PDFClerk apparently doesn’t handle this case correctly. The solution is to open the source document, export it back out to PDF immediately, and then work with the freshly created copy, which will no longer contain pages with a rotation.”

I wonder if the problems are related. In my case, instead of a rotation, there’s a crop. But I have already saved the document via Acrobat Pro, and when I open that PDF in other apps, it appears with the cropping intact. So, why would PDF Nomad (or PDFClerk, in the above quote) ignore settings that have been saved into the document. Furthermore, you suggest “open the source document” and “export it back out” — but I have no source document — no text file that can be exported to PDF. The source document is a PDF.

I’m concerned that the previous post was made in September 2009 — over 4 years ago. It seems as though the user was given a “workaround,” rather than Sintraworks actually fixing the bug in PDFExpert. And now, 4 years later, if this is the same bug I’m now seeing in PDF Nomad, that means that in 4 years, the bug still has not been fixed.

If I’m wrong, please do correct me. But in my case, why would PDF Nomad display the pages correctly, but then save them incorrectly? (Screenshots attached.)

That suggests a bug in PDF Nomad.

NOTE: I tried 6 times to attach my screenshot (which is below the 300k limit), but the site won’t post it. So, here’s a link:


The PDF I’m editing has 200 pages (400 when split). When I undo the Split command (because the pages are displayed with splits in the wrong place), PDF Nomad displays each page in sequence. While doing so, each page that it displays is split CORRECTLY — even though I’m having to undo the command precisely because they were being displayed INCORRECTLY.

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PDF Nomad does not remove crop when it saves pages back out. It does remove rotation so that the pages are correctly oriented but no longer technically rotated. I think the issues you see are due to there being a crop box. Do you get correct display if you set the view to show the media box? At any rate, I would suggest you remove the crop boxes before performing the split. Alternatively, you’d need to adjust the boxes after splitting.

After the post in 2009 I updated PDF Nomad to derogate pages automatically whenever it opens a PDF with rotated pages, so that the workaround is no longer needed. It has no bearing on splitting and display boxes. You can send me the file if you like, so that I can better guide in how to perform the split.

The reason you see the pages appear correctly when undoing may be because at that point they are shown by their media box rather than crop box. (I’m not sure, but that seems most likely. So I do think that showing the pages by the media box will solve the issue, and that you should subsequently remove all crop boxes so that they display correctly also when displayed by their crop box (which is the default view mode in several PDF viewers).)


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