Automation of OCR for use by Hazel
Posted: 02 January 2014 10:20 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Problem: I should like to manage the following workflow: (1) Scan a file and save it to location #1, (2) use Hazel to have PDFNomad 2.3 use it’s OCR capability on this file and save it under the same name as before (3) let me rename the file manually, (4) use Hazel to move the file to location #2.

Background Information: I am well versed using Hazel to move files around the system. However I lack the experience to write Apple Scripts. As I can see from the function library for “PDF Nomad Suite” there is a “OCR command” and a “performing ocr” property. This should allow someone with more talent to put together such a script.

As an indication of what step (2) above might look like, cf. this script for PDFPenPro.

Questions: (1) Would someone in the user community be willing to share such an Apple Script? (2) Are there any other workflows around Hazel that you might want to share?