Exporting OCR doc to text X - f1 f24?.rtf
Posted: 28 September 2015 12:40 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi and good day,

The export works kind of, when I open it with Text Wrangler (UTF-8, but this doesn’t matter), I get a lot of different spacing & line break info, such as:

\f0\fs36 They
\f0\fs36 did
\f0\fs36 not
\f0\fs36 undertake
\f0\fs36 this
\f1\fs24 \

\f0\fs38 effort
\f0\fs38 to
\f0\fs38 codify
\f0\fs38 the
\f0\fs38 science

Is there a way to get it more pretty? grin

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden