Script - Static annotation format
Posted: 07 May 2016 11:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m trying to put a opaque white rectangle to cover a header on all the pages of a compilation of documents and adding a text to redo this header.

I’m trying with an static rectangle and an static text box, but I can not make it work

- the static rectangle is not hidding the original header
- I can not add neither the styled contents neither a text alignment:right

Thanks in advance

This is the code

tell application “PDFClerk Pro”
  tell document 1
      set totalNumberOfPages to the page count
      repeat with i from 1 to totalNumberOfPages
        tell page i
        set thewhitebox to make new static rectangle with properties {bounds:{0, 740, 612, 60}, opacity:100, draws fill:true, fill color:“white”}
        set theTextBox to make new static text box with properties {bounds:{0, 740, 612, 20}, contents:“6th international conference on Waste and Biomass Valorisation Engineering”, styled contents:{font:“Times New Roman Italic”, size:10}, text alignment: right}
        end tell
      end repeat
  end tell
end tell