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I don’t think anyone can beat “The Creator’s Profile” I wondered if that was from watching Star Trek or had religious reaches… :0

I find sending documents via PDF in email much easier than using a fax theses days. I prefer people to send me documents in email than get them in a big pile from the fax machine. One advantage when you get them in email is you can choose whether to print out or not. Another is they are automatically archived for you—unlike a printed fax sheet which if mislaid, not received or damaged you need it (on the other side) found and re-sent to you, then you go thru the whole process again.

There are several programs I have which I have used in the past. I never even thought to look until I needed to deal with a 60some page document and I tried to take some pages out and re-order some and although the program is well known and worked well for small 5-6 page sets, it choked and crawled with this big a set. That is how I was motivated to look for another solution and was happy to find this program. It re-drew the screens and moving a page from the bottom of the stack to the top was “easy” in comparison to the other two programs I had tried to do the job with before.

We have a house that we run vacation rentals from and our clients appreciate it when we can send them their quote with most of the policies and information they might need at the very first response we have. Unfortunately the vacation rental software drops the ball when printing and shoots out individual pages. So I needed something to combine the pages and then convert to a single document. PDFClerk does this with its eyes closed.

So far I have used it dozens of times in this sending out quotes and statements and receipts and it has worked as well as other programs I have encountered.

What sets it apart tho is when you need to handle the big jobs. The 60 some page document was when I used a document scanner to take two separate paper appraisals and convert to digital PDF files. The scanner does a good job, but we live in an area up near the rainforest and our paper tends to “stick” so I had to do a lot of scans instead of one continuous scan in one set. Had it not been for PDFClerk it would have been an extremely frustrating and time consuming experience. And I had two of these appraisals to do, so I was very glad that this software was available to test and within 15 minutes I knew it could do the job and I was a happy purchaser.

One thing I think is very neat is the relabel command under the tool bar—instead of tediously having to go from page to page you can have the program do it in one fast swoop.

I have not had the time yet to use other features, but if I do I will come back and give a comment. It has many features I have not tapped into which look like they would be very useful. It appears it should be a one-stop PDF utility.

I like the fact that I don’t need to have one PDF application or utility for one process and another PDF application or utility for another process. Considering what some developers charge this investment should not only save the nuisance of going from one application to another (and also the time in doing that and the time in learning multiple programs) it should also save some money not needing to buy several programs to do the same thing.

Conclusion to date: I use it for taking pages out, re-ordering pages, re-labeling the pages and then combining the edited pages to a single file. And the documents I have worked with have in some cases exceeded 60 pages and the program handled that workload fluidly.

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