New in Metron 3.0

  • • Two voices: Hear three against two, or any other polyrhythm you like.
  • • Improved score editor: you are no longer limited to single beats.
  • • Completely revamped and modernised user interface.
  • • Sample Perfect playback precision.
  • • Modernised media sharing. (Share sequences and recordings with students or band members.)
  • • A light and a dark front panel theme so you can adjust to your working conditions (and taste).
  • • Extended tempo range and improved tempo selection.

Why Metron is the right metronome for you

Metron offers a high precision playback engine to ensure a stable and accurate beat at all times. A bar based sequencer allows pre-programming of multi-bar excerpts and even entires compositions. It facilitates bringing scales or difficult runs up to speed by the ability to steadily increase the tempo by any amount every beat, every bar or on every repeat of a sequence. You can program intricate rhythms for practice, using traditional western music notation. Metron also incorporates a versatile pitch pipe.

Intuitive front panel

Traditional metronome practice is easy: set a tempo, press the start button and start practicing. You can even make the tempo gradually speed up or slow down right on the front panel.

Clear, crisp beat sounds

The default beat sounds included in Metron were designed to be heard even over loud music and in noisy places. An ample choice of alternate beat sounds should cater to most anyone's wishes.

Rock steady

Metron implements a low-level playback engine that ensures rock-steady performance, even when the device's screen is locked. Beats are laid down accurately to the individual sample level. Any possible drift is inherent to your particular device, not to the playback engine.


Create setlists to easily navigate predefined sets of sequences. Metron can even auto-advance sequences in a setlist, making it a useful on-stage tool.


Each sequence consists of one or more bars. The simplest sequences have a single bar and a time signature. Metron comes with a choice of default sequences for the most common time signatures. Add and edit bars using the score editor.

Rhythm patterns and tempo changes

Practice intricate rhythms by setting rhythm patterns using traditional western music notation. You can even lay out two voices against each other.

Set tempo changes or trigger accelerando or ritardando on any note.

Compound and complex time signatures

Create bars with multiple time signatures and create irregular time signatures (like 3+2/4 or 3+2+3/16).


Record sessions to audio file.
Customize visual feedback.
Share sequences with other Metron users (great for bands and for teachers).
Adjustable Pitch pipe (which can optionally play alongside the metronome).