The advantage of CommandPDF

Due to lack of support by macOS 10.12 Sierra, CommandPDF is no longer for sale.

CommandPDF was created because some power users need a versatile, powerful, automatable and yet efficient and easy to use tool for their publishing and imposition workflows. To achieve the required power and economy of resources CommandPDF is conceived as a command line binary that takes a few succinct command line options to perform its operations.

To ease scalability the CommandPDF package includes a daemon that can watch a directory for arriving PDF documents, and apply a predefined template (called an imposition template) of modifications on them.

Finally, to ease the creation of these templates a graphical user interface utility is included so that templates can be created visually and with immediate feedback.


A command line application that imposes PDF documents according to rules defined in an imposition template document. Due to the low overhead and efficient implementation the imposed documents are produced at great speed.


A command line daemon application to automate the imposition workflow. The daemon manages the CommandPDF tool, feeding it documents that can be dropped into a predefined workflow folder.

CommandPDF Template Editor

A GUI command-line application that facilitates the design of imposition layouts, including preview of the imposed document and the facility to produce one-off PDF documents for testing.

Flexible layout options

Design your own imposition templates, including step and repeat and cut and stack layouts. You can also overlay documents on each other and add a common back to pages. Add proofing and finishing marks. Impositions can range from 1-up to n-up, with great control over page distribution, margins and gutters.