FeaturePDF Clerk Pro 3.12PDF Nomad 2.0
Minimum system versionRequires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
Native file formatPDFClerk file format. (Exports PDF format.)PDF format.
Full screen supportYESYES++ (Lion savvy)
Insert documents (PDF, graphic, text) YES YES
Interleave PDF documents YES YES
Overlay PDF documents YES YES
Merge annotations from PDF documents YES YES
Import directly from scanner NO YES
Import form data from CSV YES YES
Import by dragging pages from Finder YES YES
Explode YES YES
Explode into chapters (= Explode by outlines) NO YES
Split even/odd YES YES
Explode into bitmaps YES YES
Export text YES YES
Export speech YES YES
Export form data YES YES
Export selected pages only YES YES
Export by dragging pages into Finder YES YES
Apply filters during export/saving YES YES
Annotate with markups, vector shapes and text boxes YES++ (more elaborate) YES++ (more convenient)
Create PDF forms YES++ (more elaborate) YES
Finishing and proofing marks YES YES
Watermarks YES YES
Relabel pages (internally) YES YES
Stamp page labels on pages YES YES++ (more convenient)
Page Layout
Impositions YES++ (user defined) YES (book/magazine layout only)
Automatic Creep Compensation YES YES
Shift page content YES YES++
Freely rotate pages YES YES
Resize and scale pages YES YES++
Manage display boxes YES YES++
Split pages YES YES++
Tile pages NO YES
Merge pages YES YES
Reorder pages YES YES
Add/delete pages YES YES
Automatically deskew (straighten) pages NO YES
Create outlines from table of contents YES YES
Create outlines from links YES YES
Link table of contents entries to target pages YES YES
Link index entries to target pages YES YES
Link cross-document references to target pages YES YES
Batch find and replace in outlines YES YES
Batch select outlines by level NO YES
OCR (optical Character Recognition) NO YES
Bookmarks library for easy access to your files NO YES
Apple Script support YES YES
Encrypt documents YES YES
Split Preview Canvas (optional second independent view of your document) NO YES
Print pages mirrored YES YES
Add/edit document keywords and other info YES YES
Easily turn selected text into document keywords NO YES