Resizing Pages

PDF Nomad makes it easy to resize pages and shift their contents through simple drags. You can also enter page dimensions, and resize whole documents to another page size with just a few clicks.

Resize pages (or display boxes) and shift page content through dragging.

Migrate a document from one page size to another with just a few clicks.

Automated Linking

PDF Nomad can analyze your document and automate the process of linking document text to the page and location it refers to.

Create a table of outlines (a.k.a bookmarks) from a table of contents in the document.

Page Labels

PDF Nomad can stamp page labels onto the document's pages. You can use this either to add page numbers to documents that don't have them, or to change existing page numbers, by overlaying them with custom labels

Renumber existing labels and draw the labels on the pages.

Rotate Page Contents

PDF Nomad can arbitrarily rotate the contents of a page. This is especially useful for straightening scanned pages, where the original was misaligned on the scanner.

Rotate the contents of a single, scanned page.