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Metron - A metronome for professionals and amateurs alike.

Metron was developed by a classically trained musician, not only to be used as a traditional straightforward metronome, but also to aid in the practice of scales, runs, excerpts and even complete compositions, with changing tempi and meters if called for. You can tap to music to figure out its approximate tempo, create setlists for performances, and even record sessions. If you're a teacher or a conductor or play in a band, you can create sequences and share them with others. There's polyrhythms, a tuner and much more.



Tap within the tempo dial and circle clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust tempo. The more away from the center you circle (even outside the dial) the more precise the tempo changes.

Tap, double-tap or tap-and-hold the + and - buttons for incremental tempo changes.

Tap repeatedly within the dial to set tempo according to avarage tapping speed. (Handy for finding out the tempo of your favorite song.)


Tap and hold in the center of the tempo dial to see the circular keyboard for quick tempo selection.

Work in progress. More content to come.