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A professional metronome

Metron: A professional metronome
A unique metronome that is both easy to start with and provides ample opportunity for growth. From simple tick-tock, to full featured rhythm sequencer. With sample-perfect accuracy, and a bpm range from 1 to 999 (effectively 0.25-1998).



SintraWorks is a privately funded company founded in 2006 by António Nunes, a very experienced developer, with a passion for delivering high quality software that is both well implemented and a pleasure to use. He loves staying up to date on the latest developments within his field. Both as an independent software developer, and as a freelancer/consultant António has delivered a multitude of applications for the iOS and macOS (OS X) platforms. This includes end user applications, as well as B2B/Enterprise apps, several of which interface with remote backends. António is very self motivated, yet a good and responsible team player, who takes pride in his work, and enjoys communication and collaboration with his peers. He can work on location as well as remotely.


Current and Past SintraWorks Publications



A Professional Metronome

Metron was developed by a classically trained musician, not only to be used as a traditional straightforward metronome, but also to aid in the practice of scales, runs, excerpts and even complete compositions, with automatic tempo changes and more.

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PDF Nomad

A Versatile PDF Editor [Retired]

PDF Nomad was a scriptable, versatile macOS PDF Editor featuring advanced features such as impositions (laying out the pages of a book), table of content creation and OCR. It succeeded and expanded on PDFClerk Pro. PDF Nomad is no longer available for purchase.


PDFClerk Pro

A Versatile PDF Editor [Retired]

PDFClerk Pro was a scriptable, versatile macOS PDF Editor featuring a variety of tools to massage your PDF files. PDFClerk Pro is no longer available for purchase.


SintraWorks has provided consulting services on a freelance basis since 2009.

If you have a macOS or iOS project you would like help on, get in touch. We can work remote (or on-site in the Netherlands) and have experience working solo, taking an app from concept to App Store delivery, as well as integrating into small and large agile teams, following Scrum, Kanban or derivative workflows. SintraWorks has consulted for European as well as North-American companies in fields as diverse as banking and finTech, insurance, publishing, education, fashion, and more.

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